Thursday, June 28, 2012


It is just so clever, we had to put it on Surfboards Hawaii's logo!
Whoever serious about surfing cannot help themselves but to admit it's funny.
Waterbase print for white body, discharge prints for dark colored bodies. Print surfaces are soft and smooth finish for both.
Pre-washed and fits excellent.

Sizes : XS ~ XXL
Colors : Black, White, Navy

Price : $30.00

Black - Size
White - Size
Navy - Size

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Malibu 1947


1947. This is the birth year of the 'Malibu Chip". With all the respect to our legends, we've decided to put 1947 inside the outline of the Chip. Go ahead and enjoy the deep meaning behind our smooth tee.

Color : White, Navy, Heather Gray
Sizes : XS ~ XL

Price : $30.00
White - Size
Navy - Size
Heather Gray - Size

Ding Again

The pocket tee with classic artwork done by a long time friend of YR, Barry McGee.
This is the 2nd issue of "Kio's Ding Repair" artwork following the smash hit of the 1st one in 2007, the artwork was also an ad on "Hamburger Ears - The Music Issue" (offset of Hamburger Eyes).
We only have very limited quantity on hand, so hurry up and get one for yourself!
Slightly different color combination this season!
Colors : White, Navy, Heather Gray
Sizes : XS ~ XL

Price : $34.00
color - size

More Classic Box

That's right! We've got more of our signature Classic Box tees this summer! Butter is added to the fancy candy colors from the last season. Just go ahead and joind the crew!

Colors : Butter, Light Pink, Light Blue
Sizes : XS ~ XL

Price : $30.00
Butter - Size
Light Pink - Size
Sold Out!