Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Have a Bold Moment

Our famous button-down shirts.
We went wild with bold, big plaids this season; nice collaboration with a traditional button-down.
Made of 100% cotton and pre-washed.
Tuck it in, let it out, button up, and down, let it go wild!

2 colors available : Chocolate & Burgundy

Sizes : XS ~ L

Price : $100.00

Chocolate - size

Burgundy - size

Ticket to the Winter

New Pullover Shirt from Yellow Rat!
We've completely "retro-tized" our favorite pullover.
Uniquely detailed with two piece sleeves, buttoned placket, and two-way sports collar.
The 21 wales light-weight corduroy is pre-washed and has an extra vintage feel.
Made of 100% cotton, the new pullover is more stylish & comfortable than ever before!

3 colors available : Navy, Camel, Ivory

Sizes : XS ~ L

Price : $90.00

Navy - size

Camel - size

Ivory - size

Flannel Shirt

YR is proud to introduce our new sports shirts made of 100% Egyptian long staple cotton yarn dyed plaids.

This ridiculously soft light-weight flannel gives comfort and style in cool weather wardrobe.

Updated ( or should we say "back dated"?) with two piece sleeves, which is a unique sleeve construction where sleeve is put together with two panels; pretty common construction back in the day.

Long-pointed collar and double front pockets just add up a nice retro feel.

Pre-washed so no need worry about the shrinkage.

3 color-ways :
Brown (top),
Orange (middle),
Burgundy (bottom)

Sizes : S ~ XL

Price : $100.00


And More.....

And waves of goodies just keep coming!

Remember our popular unisex cardigan?
Well, we've got more!

Check "Cozy Chic" page under "Cardigan" label for available colors and sizes.

Tired of Waiting?

Thank you all for waiting, it's about time right?
Yellow Rat's Winter items have arrived and we're very excited to present them!

The first to introduce is our new Sports Coat, made of 100% brushed cotton canvas.
Nicely designed with 2 contrasting color body lining : matching self color flannel on top-half, and cool red flannel lining for the bottom-half. Also sleeves are lined with smooth 100% polyester fabric.
Unique 50's style rounded collar, cinch waist, and flap pockets with hand warmer!
This jacket got 'em all.

Available in two colors : Navy & Black

Sizes : S, M, L

Price : $130.00

Color - size

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Time Blues!

YR's favorite 100% cotton trunks!
These are replication of Mid-60's Hang Ten trunks.
Totally jazzy in every way.
You'll for sure standout at the beach, guaranteed!

3 color-ways : Acorn(top,) SeaBreeze(left,) Blueberry(right)
Sizes : 29 ~ 36

Price : $68.00

color - size

These are Special Edition!
Colors only available through us!
Very limited quantities. Grab a pair before it's gone!

color - size

Your "wear it every weekend" shorts

Plain front army shorts made of 100% cotton 9oz. Bedford Corduroy, with button and zipper closure.
This pair is stylin' with two slack style front pockets, two hip pockets, and exchange pocket.
Stylish, comfortable, functional... This one got you covered.

3 colors : Black, Khaki, Navy

Sizes : 29 ~ 36

Price : $68.00

Black - size
Khaki - size
Navy - size

Good News!

We've got newer version of our popular trunks!
New color-ways, same good quality... It cannot be any better!

For details, check our "Trunk it!" Page!

Plaids and Sweet

Ladies' walk shorts from YR, made of 100% cotton yarn dyed gingham.
Comfy 9 inch inseam and cute matched up waist band lining of 1/16" gingham is definitely flattering.
This is one pair that would upgrade your ordinary day!

3 colors available : Blueberry (left,) Acorn (right,) SeaBreaze (top)
Sizes : 0 ~ 5

Price : $76.00

color - size

The Essential

Levi's 501 style classic 5-pocket and western yoke back pants from YR.
Made of 100% cotton corduroy, this pants is essential to your daily wardrobe.
Great color-ways that would go with any bitchin' tops you own.

3 colors available : Navy, Moss, Khaki
Sizes : 28 ~36

Price : $84.00
Navy - size
Moss - size
Khaki - size

Some like it Smooth

YR is proud to present our new style of trunks "LC"!
Made of 100% Nylon Oxford with white competition stripe.

It was inspired by legendary Mr. Lance Carson's style from the 80's.
No wonder the style is totally smooth!

3 colors available : Navy, Bordeaux, Mallard
Sizes : 29 ~ 36

Price : $60.00
Navy - size

Bordeaux - size
Mallard - size