Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Surfing Hollow Days

Another blast from the past..... These trunks are made in USA with 100% polyester.
Right out of Bruce Brown's film "Surfing Hollow Days," these Hawaiian print trunks are certified Jazzy!
Pre-washed / pre-shrunk for a richer fabric texture.

Colors : Green, Coral, Yellow
Sizes : 29 ~ 37

Price : $70.00
Sold Out!

Forever Standard

Did you spot these pair in Phil's film we've posted?
YR's ever-so-popular PE trunks are back again this season. Made in USA with 100% nylon oxford with white competition stripes...
Elegant and powerful, the style of the King is back!

Color : Navy, Burgundy, Forest
Sizes : 29 ~ 37

Price : $62.00


You Should Have Been Here an Hour Ago

Traditional Style Sports Jacket

Sports Jacket Made in USA with 100% cotton poplin. Traditionally detailed with two colors tapes in front. British style storm collar, and YR state seal "BRMV" screen printed on left front.
BRMV stands for Beach Rat of Mar Vista, by the way.
Color : Ivory

Sizes : S ~ XL

Price : $136.00


Here is Da Cat!

Mickey Dora, North Shore from ENCYCLOPEDIA of SURFING videos on Vimeo.

The style needs no explanation..... The Black Knight is back! Just enjoy the show.
Color : Orange x Yellow x White
Size : 29 ~ 36

Price : $72.00

Kui-O-Hawaii team trunk for ladies!

Girls can jazz trunks too!
Our stylish JS trunks are also available for ladies! These are perfect pair for wahine who likes to keep jazzin' on the board.
Does anybody recall Linda Benson?
Color : Scarlet, Navy
Sizes : 1 ~ 9

Price : $62.00
Color - Sizes

Kui-O-Hawaii Team Trunks

Trunks made in USA with 65% polyester / 35% cotton. This trunks we call 'JS' is proudly named after Jock Sutherland.
A replication of late-50s' Hawaiian local brand "Take" trunks. Truly classic with button-fly, change pocket, and rayon tape on both sides.
You see many legendary surfers, such as Jock, wearing this navy pair with red and white trimming in classic surf films and photos.
The Kui-O-Hawaiian team trunks is back!
Pre-washed so no shrinkage.
Colors : Khaki, Navy
Sizes : 29 ~ 36

Price : $62.00

J-Rad in "Dress Cord"

Tapered color jeans made in USA with 100% cotton 9oz. Bedford corduroy.
Classic 5-pockets and western style yoke back, very much like white Levi's from 1963. Rock this style in slightly short length.
Pre-shrunk and washing machine friendly.
Colors : Stone, Moss, Navy
Sizes : 29 ~ 36

Price : $110.00

Sold Out!

Johnny Collar

Sports shirts made in USA with 100% cotton yarn-dyed plaids with long pointed two-way collar known as 'Johnny Collar'.
Go 50s' with an irresistible plaids and double front pockets.
Pre-shrunk, so washing machine friendly.
Colors : Blue, Orange
Sizes : XS ~ XL

Price : $90.00
Color - Size

Button Down Shirts with Convertible Collar

Button down shirt made in USA with 100% cotton yarn-dyed plaids.
A unique combination of traditional button down and a retro-style convertible collar. Truly 50s' taste with a fish eye nylon buttons. You have no problem spotting this shirt on many surf movies from the 50's. Perfectly matches pegtops and 501.

Colors : Red x Navy, Green x Black, Blue x Black

Sizes : XS ~ XL

Price : $96.00

Color - Size