Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ghetto by the sea

Crew neck sweat shirts with made in USA 10oz. 100% cotton for Navy and Maroon, 90% cotton/10% poly for Gray, carded fleece. Slightly rough texture gives real retro feel.
It's fleece with reverse stitch that resists vertical shrinkage. So the length stays true to size after wash.
Gussets were used at underarms and side panel, triangular and rhomboid pieces of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth and reduce stress from tight-fitting clothing.
4" rib knit bottom and epolet shoulder raglan sleeves are truely straight out of late 50's~early 60's style.
Design is done by Tyler Warren, a.k.a. Pickle, and BRMV means "Beach Rat of Marvista," represented by Bob Cooper and Michelle Juno who's in Thomas Campbell's "The Present."

3 colors available
Sizes : XXS ~ L (unisex)

Price : $96.00


Heather Gray


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