Monday, December 22, 2008

Yellow Rat is Here!

Yellow Rat offers unique garments, styled with a touch of California surf culture of 50’s and 60’s boldly brought back to life!
For those who are in search of clothing which represents their distinctive individual taste,
Yellow Rat offers custom clothing with authentic constructions and attention to detail which sets the wearer apart from today’s stereo typical fashion. No-nonsense casual clothing is brought to you by Yellow Rat.


redteamo said...

I recently bought what I consider to be an absolutely perfect white button-up shirt by you at American Rag on La Brea. Thanks! Anyplace else I can find your stuff?

Yellow Rat Kio said...

Hi, redteamo!
Thank you for purchasing our product, we're so stoked to hear that you like it!
Yellow Rat is available at;

Shelter Surf Shop
2148 E. 4th St., Long Beach, CA 90814

Mollusk Surf Shop
1600 Pacific Avenue, Venice, CA 90291

Thalia St. Surf Shop
915 S. Coast HWY., Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Also, our on-line shop directly from this site is coming soon!
We have more radical stuff coming this summer.
So stay stoked with us! You'll be glad you did.

latedrops said...

Nice stuff, Kio. I hope you sell those ding repair shirts (just saw eric's GR post). I'll keep an eye out for the onine shop.

redteamo said...

Thanks Kio, I'll definitely check out the other locations! Also looking forward to the online shop getting set up.

H$ said...

got an awesome oxford button up from you guys at mollusk. im very impressed w/ the fit, style, and construction. cant wait to see/get more of your stuff!

also made in the USA is huge in my book.


GreenAndGreener said...

Hey Kio...interested in carrying your cotton shorts in my store. Please call me, can't find any other way to get a hold of you. -Alegre 818.358.4313

g.Land said...

Wearing a pair of your trunks right now! Diggin them!!

Yellow Rat Kio said...

Thanks g. Land! Enjoy!

Ryan said...

rad stuff.

hereallysaidthat said...

Hi Kio,

We have a shop on AK in Venice and dig your stuff. We'd like to find out how to carry it. Can you give me a ring?